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The primary function of the Jewish Heritage Center of the North Shore is to acquire published materials, manuscripts, records, recordings, photographs, memorabilia, and other objects of historical value which portray the life, conditions and activities of the Jewish people in the North Shore cities and towns, from the time of the earliest newcomers to the present day. We make those materials available, to the extent practicable, to anyone who may wish to study or examine them.

Please print this application, fill it out, and mail it along with your check
or credit card info to:

c/o JRC/Aviv Centers for Living
240 Lynnfield Street, Peabody, MA 01960

I wish to become a Member of the Jewish Heritage Center for the year ending December 31,__________:
$100 Corporate/Professional $100 Patron $50 Family   $36 Individual

Members receive the JHCNS Newsletter, updates on archival acquisitions and invitations to exhibits and special programs as well information about family genealogy research.

Instead of becoming a member I wish to be listed as a Supporter of the Jewish Heritage Center for the year ending December 31,___________:
Sustainer $250 Corporate/Professional Sponsor $200 Benefactor $150 Patron $100   Contributor $50   Friend $36

Supporters receive the same products and services as members and are listed by support category on all Center program materials.

I wish to make an additional donation in the following amount:
$500 $250 $100 $50 $36 Other $___________

My gift is in memory of


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Telephone (H) / (W)


Check Attached (payable to Jewish Heritage Center of the North Shore). Your entire membership dues and/or donation are tax deductible.

I am interested in the following areas:
Membership   Genealogy   Programs/Exhibits   Archives/Research
Newsletter   Publicity and Public Relations   Website Development/Maintenance.

Funded in part by a generous allocation from the Jewish Federation of the North Shore

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